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An Appeal for Emergency Assistance

Brian Teitzman is a founding member and lifetime board member of Congregation Beth Shalom. Over the years he has been very active in synagogue affairs, volunteering to help in every way possible. He has always been my go-to guy when it’s time to decorate the sukkah, arrange tables for the community Passover Seder or seating for the High Holy Days.

In the last year or so, Brian had become noticeably less available when I called on him. Susan, Fred and I recently learned that Brian has been seriously ill since February of 2015. Being the He – Man tough guy we’ve all come to love, Brian was too proud to admit this to us or even himself.

Over the last year and a half, Brian has had a wide variety of persistent health issues affecting several different organ systems. This has sharply curtailed his ability to work. As a result, he has exhausted his finances and is currently in need of emergency support for living expenses and health treatments not covered by Medicaid.

In order to buy additional time for healing, Brian is taking aggressive steps to reduce his living expenses/overhead. He is applying for public assistance and early social security with the understanding he may never regain the ability to work. Private assistance is especially critical now during the 3-4 month process of securing the available public assistance.

Brian will be very grateful for any contribution his friends (or hell, even his enemies) can make towards tiding him over during this transition period.


Tax deductible donations can be made to the Beth Shalom Tzedakah Fund
via PayPal by clicking the link below,

or, by check via snail mail:

Congregation Beth Shalom
c/o Frederick Swartz & Co.
200 West Washington
Fairfield, Iowa 52556

If you’re mailing a check to the Tzedakah Fund, please indicate on the memo line, or, on a separate paper that it’s inspired by Brian Teitzman.

Thanks for your consideration,

Marc Berkowitz
Congregation Beth Shalom