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We Need You Now!!

Our humble, little shul on the prairie has been home to the Fairfield Jewish community since 1986. Over these 33 years, various projects have been undertaken to refine, beautify and increase the utility of our communal Jewish home. Some of the cost was covered by membership dues. But, absent the generosity of donors, much of it would not have been possible. We’re asking everyone to pitch in again now to make some much – needed improvements.

Our annual membership drive doesn’t begin until the end of August. We’re at end of our fiscal year and have insufficient funds on hand to carry out these essential upgrades. Please help now.  

The synagogue board has undertaken a safety and security upgrade to our building to bring it into better compliance with code. This includes replacing the front door and the northeast door that exits the Shabbat room. We’ve also replaced and activated a door on the west side of the building that provides an emergency exit from the sanctuary. This included tearing down and replacing the old, unused outside staircase.

Two other projects address vital maintenance issues. Several trees overhang our buildings. To avoid potential damage in a storm, large limbs and possibly a whole tree need to be removed. The rain gutters need to be upgraded and in some places replaced to prevent water damage to the building. Neither of these projects are particularly glamorous, but are necessary to safeguard the structural integrity of our synagogue, keeping it available to us for many years to come.

We feel very safe in our friendly little community. But In light of nation-wide security concerns at houses of worship, the board has considered various options to avert any danger that has not yet come. It was agreed that the most cost effective solution would be hiring security personnel for those few days during the year when large numbers gather for services. Steps are being taken to implement this.  

Appoximate cost of safety and security upgrades is $9,000

Upgrade doors and emergency staircase on west side ——— $5000

Remove/prune trees overhanging buildings         ——–            $2000

Repair, upgrade gutters   —————-                                          $1000

Security personnel   ————–                                                     $1000

Please mail your tax deductible contributions to: 

Congregation Beth Shalom, c/o 200 West Washington, Fairfield, Iowa  52556

or follow this link to donate online via Paypal: