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Congregation Beth Shalom

House of Peace

Located at: 308 South “B” Street,  Fairfield, Iowa 52556
Mailing address: 200 W. Washington Street,  Fairfield, Iowa 52556


President:  Marc Berkowitz
Administrator:  Susan Berkowitz
Vice President:  Dean Draznin
Vice President:  Sol Waksman
Secretary: Lisa Cohen
Treasurer:  Fred Swartz


Marc Berkowitz
Dean Draznin
Sol Waksman
Lisa Cohen
Fred Swartz
Danella Lubar
Steve Sufian
Brian Teitzman
Scott Terry


Building:  Sol Waksman, Bill Pollak
High Holiday: Lewis Denbaum – Aliyot and Honors
Torah Service: Lewis Denbaum and Marc Berkowitz
Newsletter: Marc Berkowitz, Editor-In-Chief
Religious Committee: David Matt, Bob Rabinoff
Set-up: Lisa and David Cohen (and family)
Volunteers: Brian Teitzman

Beth Shalom Newsletter
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Minyan Club: contact Dean Draznin at

Yahrzeit plaque: to honor the departed, contact Marc Berkowitz at 472-9509 or email

Yahrzeit candles: are available at the synagogue for a small donation.

Information: Contact Marc Berkowitz at 472-9509 or email

Our Community. By Fred Swartz

On these special occasions, where we come together as a Jewish community, we particularly appreciate being able to have our own Synagogue, a place to pray to together, to celebrate together, and to affirm our faith. Even though we know that God is everywhere, when we come together to pray just as our ancestors have done for thousands of years, we are enlivening Abraham’s covenant with God, for all Jews for all time, and enlivening our own relationship with God.

Having our own Synagogue makes a statement that we honor and support our tradition and will preserve it for generations to come. It dignifies our experience of our rituals in a place of holiness maintained through prayer and the Ark containing the Torahs. It also provides a place for our library, our Sunday School, adult education classes, weddings, funerals, bar and bat mitzvah’s, and holiday celebrations.

This synagogue is maintained by volunteers who contribute their time and energy because they recognize the benefit of having our own house of worship and preserving our Jewish heritage. Our Synagogue is an important part of our Jewish community. The Board of Directors of the Synagogue encourages each of you to become a member of Congregation Beth Shalom. Even if you pay the membership dues in installments over the year, becoming a member supports our community. We are always asked by visitors, “How many members do you have?” because they know this is one measure of the strength of our group consciousness. This is one important way that you can help us continue to maintain the Synagogue, to continue our traditions which connect us to our forefathers, and help support our rare and precious Jewish community.

Thank you to those of you who have already become members this year, and we invite everyone else to please join us in preserving what we enjoy here on all of these special occasions.