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Newsletter 03/14/2012

Congregation Beth Shalom


Message from the president:
Please consider supporting Rabbi Jacobson, the Chabad emissary in Des Moines, and the good works he does through the Judaic Resource Center (JRC). The JRC publishes “The Jewish Spark” the quarterly magazine we all receive prior to the major Jewish holidays. This informative journal is just a small part of the good things Rabbi Jacobson and his wife Chana do for the Jewish and non-Jewish communities of Iowa.
He’s always generously given of his time and wisdom when members of our community have been in need. He merits our thanks and support.
At the very least, please pay the small subscription fee for the Spark to help defray the cost of production. If you regularly give to worthy causes, please consider adding the JRC to your list. Any amount will be appreciated. The address is:

Judaic Resource Center of Iowa
Rabbi Yossi Jacobson, Director
943 Cummins Parkway
Des Moines, Iowa  50312

Thank you,
Marc Berkowitz
President, Congregation Beth Shalom, Fairfield, Iowa


Sabbath Services at 8:00 p.m., Friday Evening, March 16 (22 Adar)

Shabbat Candle Lighting Times for Fairfield

Shabbat (candle lighting) begins at 6:58 p.m. on Friday, March 16. Shabbat ends (Havdalah begins) Saturday, 7:58 p.m. in Fairfield.


Thanks to all those who participated in the  Purim Party last Wednesday Evening, March 7: the Megillah Reading by Shai Perelson, the historic backgrounder by Brian Teitzman and the Megillah provided by David Matt.

Reserve the date: Passover Seder at Beth Shalom, April 6

Beth Shalom will host a Community Seder on Friday, April 6, starting 7:00 p.m. Reservations, prices and other details will be in upcoming Beth Shalom newsletters.

Sh’murah Matzah: available from Bob Rabinoff


It’s almost Purim, and that means that Pesach is coming up soon.  Once again, Gd willing, I will make my annual pilgrimage to Maccabee’s Deli in Des Moines to get traditional, hand-made Sh’murah Matzah (matzah whose ingredients – plain wheat flour – have been set aside and guarded from the time of harvest specifically for the mitzvah of making Pesach matzot).  Once again, I am taking orders.  Pesach is on Shabbat, April 7th this year, so I will probably go up around March 25.  Please email me at or call 472-9842 (leave a message) and let me know how many boxes you want.  I don’t know the price yet, but Rabbi Jacobsen of Maccabee’s Deli thinks price will be the same as last year: $22 for a 1-lb box.

Chag Same’ach!

Bob Rabinoff